In my archive of artwork you´ll find a retrospective of my work from the beginning in autumn 2007 until now, including almost 70% of all artwork I´ve made during this time.

You´ll make the acquaintance of the Contingency Art, a new kind of art making and it´s your turn to try playing with it.

At the end of 2009 I´ve begun to create and design pieces of "living room art". As you can see, my first products are the artistically designed smoke detectors.

You´ll see how my Contingency Art Theory is working in practice. Please watch the vids!

New since 2016 there are stunning emaze-presentations which lead You trough virtual exhibitions of my artwork. I´ll  present you my actual artwork with varying exhibitions regularly in the internet, linked to social media platforms and with this website with upcoming events

Assemblages, Installations, Collages and a potpourri of other artwork You´ll find here too.