Action Paitings

Action-Paintings / Drippping-Art

These are the results of an art workshop in memory of Jackson Pollock (28.01.1912 bis 11.08.1956), whose 54th year of death was in August 2010. I made a  series of 13 action paintings old style, the way of Pollocks Dripping Art.

I traced the work techniques of his "way to paint" his dripping art pieces and I constructed some replica material, Pollock used in his days. I was glad that I could draw on some video-material, showing the genesis of his artwork. The difference in contrast to Pollock, who used exclusively oil paint, I´ve used a mixture of acrylic paint and oil seperate but all together in each painting and besides sand and glass (like Pollock) suitable contemporary applications  based on aluminium and synthetic material, several modern splashbrushes and self-made "cord cloth", as Pollock used as his specialty.

All pieces of art shown underneath, were made between July und August 2010.

Title: "Good catch "
Format: 0,80x0,60x0,045m

Title: "Composition No. 2"
Format: 1,00x0,70x0.045m

Title: "Diamond Fever"
Format: 0,80x0,60x0,02m

Title: "Composition No. 3"
Format: 0,80x0,60x0,045m

Title: "Happy"
Format: 0,80x0,80x0,02m

Title: "Wild dreamer"
Format: 0,80x0,60x0,02m

Title: "Crown of creation" Format: 0,90x0,80x0,02m


Title: "Composition No. 1"
Format: 1,00x1,20x0,045m

Title: "Sweet as candy"
Format: 0,60x0,80x0,02m

Title: "Humility, entangled in the mesh of haughtiness"
Format: 0,90x0,80x0,02m

Title: Lemon and raspberry, dancing"
Format: 0,40x0,60x0,02m

Title: "Composition No. 4"
Format: 0,40x0,70x0,02m

Titel: "Ecstasis"
Format: 1,80x2,00x0,05m

Title: "R Y B" (Red, Yellow, Blue)

Format (hxbxd): 1,40x0,90x0,02m. Acryic paint on canvas.

Based on the experiences of painting the Three-Colors-Theorie exists. According to that the colors red, yellow and blue are the fundamental colors out of this all other colors are miscible. This was my inspirationen to make a piece of dripping art. You can see: Each of the single basic colors points out it´s miscability in that group picture. The next thougt could be: "What happens, when these fresh and wet colors don´t only stand side by side but kiss and hug together?" Maybe every color transfers a lot of it´s own paint to the others and we´ll see new colors made of this loving act.