Ongoing and finished Art Series
and work cycles

At this place You´ ll find different themes of my artistically work. Most of the art series are not finished yet.

Art Series "Neighborhoods"

Mostly based on sociological aspects and backgrounds my work illustrates communication structures or a web of relationships among actors or players, non institutional or institutional, regional or whatever. There are networks or loose tied ends, knots or small contacts depicted as neighborhoods.Status: ongoing

Title: "Neighborhood I"

Title: "Neighborhood II"

Format:  (hxbxd): 0,80x1,20x0,02m. Acrylic paint on canvas. 

Title: "Neighborhood III"

Format (hxbxd): 0,80 x 1,00 x 0,02m. Acrylic paint on canvas.

Title: "Neighborhood IV"

Format (hxbxd): 0,80x070x0,02m. Acrylic paint on canvas.

Title: "Neighborhood V"

Format (hxbxd): 0,80x1,20x0,02m. Acrylic paint on canvas. Sand and Stone applications to built coasts and beach areas.

Title: "Neighborhood VI"

Format (hxbxd): 0,90x0,70x0,02m. Acrylic paint on canvas.

Work cycle "Lights and Shadows"

The inspirations to do this cycle provides shadow plays, make visible effects from light to dark but also fundamental or vegetative meaning of light and darkness for humans in many ways. Status: ongoing

Title: "Lightmosaic"

Format (hxbxt): 0,60x0,90x0,07m.
Special Feature: A drawer can hold several stencils made afterwards by the buyer of my lightwork. So he can get a big variety of further light shined patterns and moods, especially he uses a lot of different transparent paper pieces.  

Title: "Lightowl"

Format: 0,80x0,70x0,02m. Acrylic paint on canvas.

Title: "Illuminated: Systemic communication and structural coupling"

Format: 0,80x0,60x0,02m.

Title: „Light out there" 

Format (hxbxd): 0,60x0,50x0,2m. Acrylic paint on canvas with special applications.

Title: „Shining memories"

3 wooden boxes with glass or plexiglass top: white, blue and black. Format: (hxbxd): 1x0,50x0,70x0,10m.; 2x 0,51x0,41m. LED array inside or fiber optic cable (the blue version).

Reversible patterns and colored applications inside the boxes.Depending on different day- or nightlight You can get different light variations on intensity and brilliance. One of my Contingency Light-works, able to be changed in mood and impression by the buyer of the objects.

Title: "Cloud 7"

Format (hxbxd): ca. 0,90x1,00mx0,15m. Acrylic paint on wooden parts laquered; approx. 250 pieces of LED, connectable by request..

This piece of art is three times usable (see pictures)

1st version: Daylight-object without LED lights on

2nd version: Daylight plus LED.

3rd version: Total darkness in the room, 100% LED from the artwork.
Notice: The 3rd picture shows the light influence like a wide open dark mouth. In reality there are soft shinging shades and lights in the middle and a soft contrast that makes it harmonious. 


Series topic "Speech" Status: Ongoing

Altogether it´s a complex sociological background behind every and each artwork.

Title: "Ego - Me!"

Format:  (hxbxd): approx.1,20x1,50x0,3m. Acrylic paint on canvas.
The linguistic sciences found out, that the words "I (me)" and "ego" (psychological) circa 15.000 up to 20.000 years are in linguistic use by human beeings. So they are the oldest human words. During my own research to do this artwork with the 60 depicted words I´ve made some interesting discoveries. This work is the the start off to do further artwork about cultural identity and human language.

Cycle: "Approach to conquest the eye of a needle"
              An allegory

Five-part series, Format part I to V (hxbxd): each 0,80x0,70x0,025m.
Acrylic paint on canvas. Status: Finished

Cycle: "Reference to South Africa"

During the soccer world championship in South Africa 2010 I designed these pieces as a reference to the Ndebele, a tribe in Southern Africa.
I picked up some leading motives of their artistic working. Their colorful paintings decorate numerous huts and cottages in the eastern Highveld
Concerning the historic cultural genesis please see this link:  

Status: Finished

part 1: richness

part 2: soulfulness

part 3:
pacified areas and rooms

part 4: black, white and colored

Cycle „Mondrian meets Hofbauer“
            An abstract symbolic transformation

The following pieces of art art are showing my experimental involvement in the art of Piet Mondrian.
At this sight on Mondrians artwork I will not argue with the neoplasticism.
I "only" picked up Mondrians neoplasticism movement based stylistic reduction of the geometric shapes in his artwork, working only with squares and rectangles. It exited my curiosity to expand the geometric forms and shapes. "What´s it like?" I asked myself. The results of my experiment are what I call "my own stilistic transformation of Piet Mondrians classic style.
" What happened is: First I prepared an artwork like Mondrians style (maybe with more complex colored fields and lines). You may say "ooh that´s blasphemy" or you´ll find it tasteless. Well... But grounding on my contingency theory I say: "Nothing is fixed as it looks like. Nothing must be exactely so as it is!". So I think and work alternate art thinking "How would it look, if not only squares would used in this artwork?" Isn´t that legitim for an artist? I respect Piet Mondrian. But decades later after his time of working, I think that I´m allowed to play and do some experimental artwork picking up someones style of working and to change it the experimental way.

The painting-concept for itself is quite simple: The first work (left sided) is one piece, showing a look like Mondrian Version. The pictures right sided show the confrontation and diversification in my own style with circles, half circles, triangles and other geometric shapes. Status: finished.


Title: "Mondrian meets Hofbauer"
part 1
I. Based on Piet Mondrians art.
Format (hxbxd): 0,80x0,60x0,025m
Acrylic paint on canvas. 11/2009


II. Variante Hofbauer, stilistic transformation
Format (hxbxd): 0,80x0,60x0,025m
Acrylic paint on canvas. 11/2009

Title: "Mondrian meets Hofbauer" - part 2 of an artistic dialog.
Format (hxbxd): each 0,80x0,0,70x0,02m
This vesion shows an piece of art based on Piet Mondrians art..

The "transformation by Hofbauer" by replacement and by converting rectangular geometric figures into triangles and circles. 09/2010

Art cycle "Shadow play"

Title: „Spring dance“

Format:  (hxbd): 0,50x0,40m framed. Acrylic paint on special paper

Title: „Desert dream“

Format:  (hxbd): 0,50x0,40m framed. Acrylic paint on special paper

Cycle "Impressions of Cologne" - ongoing

Title: "View from the Severinsbridge overlooking Chocolate- and Olympic Museum with panorama v

iew on river Rhein"

Title: "Museum Ludwig at twilight"

Title: "Fischmarkt at the historic City of Cologne"

Title: "Church St. Joseph, Cologne, district Dellbrück"  three views

Cycle "Energy pictures" - ongoing

Title: "Energy flow"

Four Energy pictures 

Format (hxbxd):each 0,70x0,70x0,02m. Acrylic paint on canvas.