Assemblages, Installations, Collages

To ask if art may be politically intended or not, that´s open to dispute. It´s undeniable that I´m influenced by my occupational background as a sociologist (and social worker too) to see and express human, social and economic behaviour. But that´s only half the story. In my view, contemporary art, that aspires to be a reflection of present time, as an ambitious artist of this time I can´t turn a blind eye to national and global events. So technically develompents, economic and political decisions do influence social living and social living all around influences artistic work.

My Installations, Assemblages and other artwork thematically dealing with other issues topics beyond political topics. I´m experimentalizing and working with a broad range of material, technically and thematically.


Title: "17 casket nails of human kind" - Installation

Format (hxbxd): 0,40x0,60x0,07m.
Display case with plexiglass; Lighting: LED (defeatable), 17 original casket nails.
English translation labeling of the casket nails:
Greed, Grudge, Money, Intolerance, Egoism, Malignance, Ignorance, Ruthlessness, Destructiveness, Unscrupulousness, Arrogance, Thirst for power, Hatred, Laziness, Lethargy, Dependency, and Obtuseness. 08/2010

Title: "Silent Revolution" (Assemblage)

Format:  (hxbxd): 1,20x1,00x0,08m.

...and there is no way out...To see details of this piece of artwork,  please click on video.

For bigger picture please klick right mouse button


 Title: “Sleeping pillow for people with local
- Installation.
               Format (hxbxd): 0,50x,1,00x2,10m.




Title "Ianus 21"
Format:  (hxbxd):  1,00x0,80x0,025m.

Title: "Time eater" (Assemblage)

Format:  (hxbxd): 0,90x0,80x0,03m. Acrylic paint and spare parts for watches on wooden plate covered with canvas. Ornate frame.
Time and time management in a globalized world is a big talking point. I will make some further exploration and contributions to this topic.



Title: “Loss of freedom, inch by inch” - Assemblage

Format (hxbxd); approx. 0,85x,0,85x0,25m. 


Format (hxbxd): 1,50x1,20x0,06m.
Assemblage, two banners (of FRG and GDR) together on stretched canvas with applications.


Title: “Furnishings for visitors of an elder long-term unemployed in apartment of  21 square meters”

Format (hxbxd): 1,70x0,90x0,20m Installation - In Memoriam Peter R. H., *08.03.1951 † 18.05.2008


Title: “Playing Games”

Format (hxbxd): 2,00x1,20x0,04m. A contribution to the “gaming” stock exchange. Assemblage on partially acrylic painted stretched canvas. To be presented wall hanging vertically.



Title: "Automobilism"

Format (hxbxd): 3,58x2,38x1,35m , weight approx. 180 to 200 kg. Installation (monument). Beginning: October, finished in November 2007. Including approx. 700 dinky cars,  basicly steel construction, acrylic glass and other accessory. 


Title: “Capital and Labor”

Format (hxbxd): 1,20x1,00x0,05m. Superelevation and contemptuousness . Assemblage and Collage on hackled bed of banknotes, fixed on stretched 3D-canvas.  



Title: Nothing Left” (Var. 1)

Format (hxbxd): 0,61x0,53x0,06m.
Installation in hand-crafted showcase.
A contribution to the the controversal subject “ahistorical society”. Question: What´s left, if storage media are going blind and unreadable? I put some answers of it in a showcase, ready to be discussed or tested as time goes by.

Title: “Nothing Left” (Var. 2)

Format (hxbxd): 0,80x0, 60x0,05m. Assemblage on stretched canvas, Acrylic paint. Another attempt  to visualize how stored data on DVD or CD elapses as years go by. Test set-up identically to Var. 1.


Title: “Clocked Out”

Format complete Assemblage: (hxbxd) = 0,90x1,20x0,10m, Showcase: 0,50x0,40x0,08 m.
Showcase on special constructed back of stretched canvas, Acrylic paint... illustrating, what time it really may be for mankind on planted earth.


Title: "Making up the balance"

Format (hxbxd): 2,00x1,20x0,05 m.
Assemblage, stretched canvas (3D), acrylic paint, applications.

Title: "Golden times"

Format (hxbxd): 2,00x1,00x0,04 m.
Genetic engineering. A way to capture humans ressouces and mark the industrial forced claims exploiting human capital...his genes. Assemblage on 3D.
Stretched canvas, acrylic paint and somebody´s skull. (not´s medical supply and a plastic one)

Title: "climatic change"

Format (bxhxd): 1,22x1,22x01,0m.
Assemblage on wooden material and special wooden frame.
Acrylic paint and applications, toys etc.Well, climate changes. May be alligators and chickens are direct neighbors in the future all over the planet.


Title: "4 elements (fire, air, earth, water) and human
- Installation

Format (hxbxd): 1,00x3,60x0,15m. Acrylic paint on canvas (3 D). Upon mounted sledge, Format (hxd): 1,00x0,50 m.



Four Collages

Format (hxbxd): each 0,50x0,40x0,02m. framed.

Title: Gender Differences

Title: State of the artists

Title: Eat or be eaten

Title: 2010 and then...

Title: "Debit and credit" - Installation

Title: "Appearance and reality" - Installation

Format (hxbxd): 1,50m x 1,22 m x 0,03m.

The value of money not often relies on unrealistic constructions made up of expectations and wishes. Quasi overnight precious things and valuable shares can be worthless. Now zero, nada...An Illusion of big money and prosperity gone with the wind. 

Some more artwork, with global or european issues and a subject of my hometown Cologne in Germany you can see in the German language part of Installations and Collages!