Color Fields Work

Briefly worded: color field works are colorful experimental pieces of art. At first glance they may look quite simple. But behind this you can see an interaction of complementary and simultaneaously contrasts. But color fields can do more. For example to translate wine flafors into colors or a horizontal Translation of a calendar. Look how it works!

Title: "Aqua-Linea" - A quartet

Format (hxbxd): 4x 0,70x0,50x0,04m. framed
Watercolor pens on watercolor paper re-treated.

Title: "1:1" - Primary color play

Format (hxbxd): 3x 0,80x0,70x0,02m. 

Acrylic paint on canvas, in the middle filled with relief-structure by specal high fexible art cement..

The title of the artwork is program. At first the primary colors red, yellow and blue were put seperate in the outer fields, then mixed by 2 further steps of mixing ratios 1:1 exact by gram put in separate color field confrontation. So it happens: The exterior field:shows a primary color 1 and 2 in unmixed confrontation. Inside field: Secondary color of color 1 and 2 mixed at a ratio of 50: 50 and middle: result of phase 2 mixed 1: 1 with titanium white.

Title: „The taste of wine - Three aromatical

The idea of realizing this three artwork came with a wine tasting. I was surpsid by a sommelier, talking about all the flavors, he could smell and taste by slurp and dring some sort of wine. I tried to visualize the tastes, sticking at the palate. This fascinating translation of taste into pictures was a nice challenge.
Format (hxbxd): 3x 0,45x0,30x0,02m., framed.           sold

rose´ wine

white wine

red wine

Title: "80 of the most important type of wine grapes and
            their characteristic flavors"

Visualizwation of nuances in scent and smell. Pastel sticks on pastel paper. Format (h x b): 0,70 x 0,50m.

Title: "Dialogues in color"

Compositional dialogue of adjacent colors or depiction of tension between complementary colors. Acrylic paint on canvas. Pics: unframed status.
Format (hxb): each 0,50x0,40m.

Dalogue green

Dialogue blue

Dialogue black/white

Dialogue yellow/orange

Dialogue brown

Dialogue red

Dialogue purple/yellow

Dialogue red/yellow/blue/green

Title: „Changing of the seasons"

Part 1: „Winter into spring“; Part 2: „Summer“, Part 3: „Autumn into winter“
Format: 1,3 (hxbxd) = 0,50x1,00x0,02m, 2: 0,50x0,80x0,02m.
Three piece artwork

This art work shows the seasons by their hoirzontal continuum. There is no real beginning and no end like a calendar and the seasons don´t go round through a year like a clock.
The interesting thing is: The buyer of this piece of art can hang this three pieces as he would prefer it. He can use his own chronological play of colors from left to right. May be his birthday is in winter. So he begins with part 3 (from left to right) and than follows part 1 and part 2. May be...

Title: "Fragmentation and defragmentation -
           defect report: 'information irreparable'

Format:  (hxbxd): 2x ca. 0,70x0,60x0,025m. Acrylic paint on canvas
The fragmented human beeing - his individualization and heterogeneity by his global life context.



Title: „Color dialogue in congtingency "

Five piece art work. Format (hxbxd): 2 x 080x0,40m; 2 x 0,90x0,40m; 1 x 1,00x0,30m. Pastels on special primed canvas. end-fixed

I made this piece of art with reference of Harald Küppers. His theory of colors and his visualized "color sun pattern" (see photo). Experimentally depicted are relationships between colors and two or three neighbouring sunbeams. In total five colored plates of different formats are showing the contingency of the basic colors and also depiction of contingency with the primary colors within the neighbouring sunbeams.Contingency and a modular new configuration of the color relatiionships in dialogue results by changinig positions of the canvas by hanging. The special aluminium based construction in the background allows up and down shifting of each frame and a flexible play of structures and a lot of variations of hanging the five pieces.Here you can see only two of several possibilities to do that.

Title: "Varying seasonal moods" 

Formats (hxbxd): 3x 0,60 x 0,80 m.; 1x 0,80x0,80m.
Soft and hard pastels on special primed canvas with some suggestive ideas of later framing.

Beginning of spring

Thoughts of summer


Autumn storm


Title: "Colorit 1 and 2" - Shape and diffusion in pastel

Format (hxb): 2x 0,70x0,50m. (framed with mat)
Softpastels on bamboo paper.

Title: "Color-play by six variations"

Play with simultanous and complementary contrasts in oil pastels and acrylic paint. Framed.

Title: "Winter" Format (hxbxd): 0,80x0,80x0,02m.

to be continued...