Concrete and Abstract Art

Title: "Four-part process"

4 stretcher frames, format (hxbxd). 0,80x1,20x0,03m
Acrylic paint on canvas - A picture cycle

Title: "Everyday life of an employee" - A pictorial
Format (hxbxd): 4 x 1,00x0,70x0,03m. Acrylic paint on canvas.

Title: "Wildflower"
Format (hxbxd): 1,77x1,77 im Radius x 0,05m.
My and contribution to the 40th anniversary of the 1968 Generation-year in Germany. In USA it was the historic year of 1967.
Spray artwork on stretcher frame arrangement, special strengthened backside construction with wood and aluminium.

Title: "Mising pieces"
Format (hxbxd): 0.90x1,20x0,03 m. Acryic paint on canvas.

Title: "Winner and loser"
Format (hxbxd): 1,50x0,80x0,05m. Acrylic paint on 3D-framed canvas.

Title „decimal - binary - chaos" - A Triptych
Format (hxb): 3x 0,70x0,50m. character print on carpet tiles.

Title: "Distribution of power and greediness"

Format:  (hxbxd): approx. 0,70x0,80x0,025m.
Acrylic paint on canvas.The term "power" from the sociologically point of view (systems theory) is coded by "to get power, retain, extend, defend or lose them"...and nothing else!

Title: „Up  and down"
Format (hxbxd): 1,00x,1,20x0,03m.  Acrylic paint on canvas.

Title: "Elusive silence in purple and green striped" or  oder „restless dream of Picasisnskys symbiosis"

Format (hxbxd): 0,80x0,80x0,02m.Acryic paint on canvas.

Title: "Witching hour with 11"

Format (hxbxd): 0,70x0,50,0,02m (framed. Watercolor on watercolor paper.

Title: "Paint  It Black"
Format (hxbxd): 0,70x0,80x0.02m

Titel: "D = deutsch"

Format (hxbxd):0,80x0,060x0,02m.
Acrylic paint on canvas.

Title: (He lives on...) "The German Michel"* in a banana republic mood in the year 2011

Format (hxbxd): 0,80x0,80x0,02m. Acrylic paint with applications on canvas 

Notice: "The German Michel" is a figure originated in the Early Modern Age. Ít´s a kind of national personification of the Germans, today mostly used as caricature. MIchel typically wears a bed cap, synonym for a sleepy head sort of people. His complete (caricaturized) charakter can be described as fool, bumpkin, daydreamer or fantasist. He likes the German comfortable coziness in his home and moral uprightness as well as his need for rest in his own privacy. German Michel doesn´t care about the world outside. There is a historic and ongoing controversary about this figure characterizing mentality of the mainstream among the German People. I´m German, so I see dayly a lot of evidence, that this picture fits in many ways.


Title: "global capital market operations - white, black,
            grey" (A Triptych)

Format (hxbxd): 2x 0,90x0,80x0,2m, 1x 1,00x0,60x0,2m 

Title: "Structure and spontaneousness" - A duo

Format (hxbxd): 2x 0,90x0,80x0,02m.
Acrylic paint, high flexible creme additive with sand (my own mixture) and und some additionals on canvas.

Title: "Destructiveness of evil"

Format (hxbxd): 0,90x0,70x0,02m.Oil pastel sticks and acrylic paint on canvas.

Artwork under the terrible impressions of "9/11", At the 10th year of remembering the victims of those terroristic acts in NYC and at other places around and their upcoming consquences for the USA and the global world. For me It was the begin of a work cycle with the theme "human destructivity".

Note: this artwork will get it´s special effect by providing a vertically and horizontal message. If you hang it like shown on picture 2, you can see the latent present evil. It´s ghost you can see clearly.
Made in 05/2011

Title: "Fallout (Japanese Fallout)"
Worked after the earthquake and atomic core melt accident in Eastern Japan when the japanese sun has darkened .
Format (hxbxd): 0,60x0,90x0,02m. Acrylic paint on canvas.   04/2011

Title: "Jongleur"

Format (hxbxd): 0,70x0,90x0,02m. Acrylic paint on canvas.

Title: "In The Web"

Format (hxbxd): 1,00x0,80x0,02m. Acrylic paint on canvas.
A contribution to the possible intanglement  in the mesh of the www.

Title: "The arrogance accompanied by one of her false consultants before the fall".

Acrylic paint and spackle on special paper. Format: (hxb): ca. 0,60x0,50m.

Title: "Structured Chaos"

Format (hxbxd): 0,70x0,50x0,02m. Acrylic paint on canvas.

Title: "Wildfire in front of a shadow cabinet"

Mixed technique on canvas. Format (hxbxd): 0,80x0,80x0,02m.  

Title: "Love to shed"

Format (hxbxd): 0,55x0,75x0,25m 8 (framed). Acrylic paint on canvas.

Title: „Interconnectedness of the four elements:
           Fire, water, earth and air“

Format (hxbxd): 0,80x0,60x0,45m (3D-frame). Acrylic paint on canvas.

Title: „Floral Garden"

Format (hxbxd: 1,00x0,70x0,025m. Fixed oil pastels on canvas.

Title: "Do you trust me?"
Format (hxbxd): 1,20x1,50x0,03m. Acrylic paint on canvas.

Title: „The pressure of globalization"

Format (hxbxd): 1,20x0,80x0,08m. Acrylic paint on 3D-frame.