Contingency Art 1         

In spring of 2008 I´ve created the first contingency artwork. Previous, beginning in autumn 2007, there was some basic development work to do. It was ambitious to aim at producing projects and pieces of art, which got the features of easy modifiability for every buyer of my art. In the beginning, this artwork was much limited in changeability than later and present pieces of contingency artwork.

Below You can see some examples by picture and video put together how my Contingency Art works practically.

Title: "Colored Cells at variable adjustment"


To see a bigger video-picture please klick on the right mouse button.

Title: "Black & white shift" 

Format (hxbxtd: ca. 0,80x0,60x0,04m. Acrylic paint on 20 wooden elements, flexible mounted on special frame You can see 4 von "x" variations the buyer can realize by changing the elements.

Title: Tangramatic" - Contingency project

This variation gets back to the anciant asian tile-based game named Tangram. This variation for wall assembling was designed to demonstrate the extraordinary possibilities of Contingency Art. There are thousands of variations in forms and pictures able to be joint together. Format (hxbxd): 1,22x1,23x0,10m. Plexiglass forms built on a special frame. Available: Day and night-Variation with LED-illumination backside. Remote control to change colors of light and speed of performance.

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Title: "Compliant - non-compliant" Contingency project"

Size (hxbxd): flexible project, spread approx.. 1,25 up to 2,30m to diverse directions possible. mountable up to 32 frames at different sizes. Acrylic paint on stretched canvas.

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Title: "Flash" - Contingency artwork

Format (hxbxd): flexible project, Span approx. 1,20 to 2,20m. Several directions possible. Maximal depth of two level  mounted level = 01,0m. Acrylic paint on stretched canvas. Application of 13 to 15 pieces of frames at different sizes possible to built a flash in different structures and formations.

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Title: "Red Line" - Contingency artwork

Format (hxbxd): flexible project, Span approx. 1,50 to 2,80m. Several directions possible. Maximal depth of two level  mounted level = 01,0m. Acrylic paint on maximal 20 pieces of stretched canvas, different sizes. Assignment: To follow (and do not leave) the red line by changing, replace and rotate  frames to any combination.

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Title: "Colorful emotions" - Contingeny Project

Format (hxbxd): 1,40x1,65m. Wedge Framework in variant sizes. Velvet of different colors stretched on canvas.
Lightning spots, optionally Halogen or LED possible. Every spot turnable 360 degrees and fitted with it´s own switch, able to provide varying moods of the artwork.

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Title: "Whirls of flowers" - a flexible composition- Contingency Project

Format (hxbxd): approx. 2,00x,3,00x0,25m.
44 pieces of stretched canvas, different sizes, affixed at three levels maximum. All pieces of canvas rotatable at 360-degrees and repaceable to other positions of the square sized aluminium tube construction backside. It seems a miracle, but it works. In this six pictures You can see some spontanous combinations of those whirls. There are many more possible.

Title: "Fractions and coalitions"
         - A contribution to the flexibilty of possibilities 

Format (hxbxd) 2x0,72x0,48x0,15m. 48 changeable colored plates mounted on two special aluminium based frames On pictures you can see a few of 100+ possible variances.

Title: "Tracks, bridges, switches"  Contingency artwork.

Format (hxbxd): approx. 3,0x3,0x0,20m possible. Acrylic paint on 24 pieces of stretched canvas, different sizes, affixed at four levels maximum. Characteristic: All pieces at 360-degrees rotatable and some of it at quarter turns rotatable. All pieces can be displaced to any other position. Assembled joints at the aluminium-construction backside can make it possible, that this artwork is able to spread in different directions. This is my first flexible project, named "Flexart in Contingency."

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Title: "Quadruple unity"

Format (hxbxd): max. 1,27x1,02x0,08m.
Acrylic paint on 9 stretcher frames of different formats affixed on two levels. Level 2: 360 degrees rotatable.You can see two of some more variances in combination. All parts are removable and able to make new combinations on the basic frame.

Titel: "black & white or colorful turn" 

Format (hxbxd): 0,52x0,52x0,06m.
Combinations of several hundred patterns and varieties are possible because of the double-sided colorplay    

Title: "Nice front, changeable" - Contingency artwork.

Format (hxbxd): 1,30x1,10x0,08m.
Acrylic paint on stretched canvas, 10 pieces, different sizes, affixed at two levels. Including a 360-degree rotatable round element and 9 alterable elements.

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Title: "Vario 86" 

Format (hxbxt): 0,80x0,60x0,5m. 86 wooden sticks painted with acrylic paint and varnished placed on a special metal frame.Principally the parts can be placed over the edge of the frame and inside. It´s a wall hanging product. Possible are thousands of different variances because the cuts of angles are asymmetrical and a rich color-play is possible because of the combination of black/white and single color sticks.. The buyer is able to built surprisingly easy new configurations again and again.

Title: "Which way to go?" - Contingency artwork.

Format (hxbxd): 1,10x1,10x0,08m.13 pieces of stretched canvas, each 0,30x0,30m, affixed at two levels, including four, 360-degree rotatable and 9 alterable elements.

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Title: "Communication - development and reduction"
            - Contingency project

Triptych. Format (hxbxd) = 1,90x1,64x0,15m (both wings totally spread) or: 1,90x0,82x0,18m (closed wings).Acrylic paint on 72 pieces of stretched canvas, different sizes, among them 60 pieces 0,20x0,20m individual alterable based on a special metal construction backside.Special: Applied headpiece turnable back to frontside showing another colored face. A project to simulate relations of communication between all subjects (elements) among and together, expressed in changing colorful play of colors. Mathematically possible 1000 plus options of configuration.

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Title: "Communication in contingency"- configuration of

Format (hxbxd): changeable; max. 2,45x1,25x0,05m.
Acrylic paint on stretched canvas. Material: 2x16 stretcher frames 30x30 cm, affixed on special structure of aluminium background. 
2 frame-structure to be fixed together or seperately. 

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Title: "Moody" - Contingency artwork

Format: (hxbxd) 1,90x1,65mx0,10m (without  lightning set). Format including lightning set approx.2,25x2,10x0,40 cm; Optionally Halogen or LED. Handling of lightning set by manual switch. Material: Velvet on stretched canvas. 16 pieces, 0,40x0,40m + 24 pieces 020x0,20m. Another example of the variability of contingency art.

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"Moody" another mixed color-version
Buyer of the basic-frame can choose between 32 coloros of velvet for their own special piece of art matching to their interior.

Title: "Quadra-Rondo"

Format: (hxbxd = 1,67x1,67x0,09m).
Two-level-artwork. Acrylic paint on canvas. Support Matieral: Square sized aluminium tube and special metalwork. Back level: 16x stretcher frames  40x40cm, manuell changeable - Front level: 9x stretcher frames 30 x 30 cm on 360-degree rotatable arbor by 90-degree grades.

Title: "Flying strokes of brushes"

Format: (hxbxd)= 1,60x1,60x0,05 m).
Acrylic paint on canvas: Square sized aluminium tube and special metalwork. 25x stretcher frames of format 30 x 30 cm, manually changeable at all places within the backside construction.
Here, You can see clearly and by simple example, how contingency art works basically. Those four pictures are able to show three of many more possible different combinations of  fields or pads among themselves by changing places. This was one of my first pieces of art.

Title: "Piktogrammatik"

Format (bxhxd) = 1,93 x 0,94.x 0,035 m. Acrylic paint on stretched canvas. 18x stretcher frames, format  30x30cm.
Another example concering the mutability of my contingency artwork. Special: The modularely built backside construction by aluminium and other metalwork enables to place the left and right quadrat seperately to each other.

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Title: "Connectivity"

Format: (hxbxd): flexible, max. ca. 2,00 m to one direction.

Acrylfic paint on 10 stretcher frames of three sizes Special linkage between the single elements to stick them together.

Images: Three possible variations of a unknown number you can create more. See left picture: The ability of placing this artwork between two door frames provides an example of the flexibility in placement of the contingency artwork in the private sphere of living..Those pieces of art can fittted exactly to the housing situation of it´s buyer. Whereby.the modification or the changing of patterns can be realized only by hand without any tools.

Title: "All Directions"

Format (hxbxd): 1,60x0,80x0,15m. 8 triangles, edge length: 40cm on wooden board, backside construction: Aluminium with built in arbor. Variation of my Contingency artwork: Manually flowing and single-handed  at 360-degrees rotatable. An example for effective changes of the artwork on the spot.

Title: "Time shift" - Contingency project

12 painted round stretcher frames  + applications and a clock.
You´re able to shift and place the clock where you want and bent and stick the different time pieces together as you´d like it. Find out what it means for you.

Title: "23-color Arrangements" - Contingency art

At the end of part I of expamples of my contingency artwork I will show you another different piece of art. First of all: The velvet I used - depending on the light influences where the artwork is hanging - shows different light and dark shades, depending on the lightshine on cloth fibres against or with the woven fibre. The abiltiy to connect the loose single parts together on a special frame can bring you a lot of fun. You can do that frame bound or outside the outer frame lines.Sorry, I made no video-footage of this work, but you can see some laid down mosaic of possibilities. There can be made tile mosaics or fancy colore-patterns. You can do as you like...