Following my fundamental attitude to work, I´m anxious to interlink the fine arts and applied arts in my creative accomplishment as it happended at the era of the Bauhaus in Weimar and Dessau. This formerly conception is finding it´s expression in my present creating and manufacturing home accessories. In this context livingroom-art must enhance the functionality and not vice versa - the desgin represents the being of the artists himself - degrading functionality mainly as an appendage.

At the end of 2009 I´ve created the so called „Smoke alarm detector art“ . By this creative invention, functionality and optical/acoustic beeper and allegedly life preserver with individual design and artistically coloring and shaping, is getting an attractive alternative to the predominantely white or mousegrey-colored smoke detectors, conveniently sticking at the ceilings of rooms. Individually desgined artwork, matching to the ambience of the room or complete residence, is able to turn a smoke detector into an eye catcher.

Not least, 1000+ design alternatives should spread the presence of smoke detectors in private residences and public spaces. In Gemany recently roughly 30 percent of all households are equipped with smoke alarm detectors. In my opinion that´s insufficient and should be improved. Nice looking little art in children´s rooms, living rooms and bedrooms may be encourage business with Smoke alarm art. I hope so! Please have a look at my info-flyer. Well...it´s only in German Language. But pictures can give You some inspiration. They are nice...aren´t they? Well, may be, some are tacky too...


Flyer "Smoke dectector art"
Safety, Art and Design
please klick on .pfd-file left side


Lamps and luminary

The functionality of a lamp can - depending on moods and special atmospheres where it is placed - be equipped with colorful light. And still more: Lamps can designed as art object and convey a special meaning. They can be modern, vintage or oldf-fashioned and very varying depending on it´s determination. My lamps are built by using some antique parts, special effect lamps and bulbs.

Lamp "Splash"

Format (hxbxd): 0,50x0,50x0,04m.
Acrylic paint on canvas, spehre lamp (antique)

Lamp "Solar"

Format (hxbxd): 0,50x0,50x0,04m.
Acrylic paint on canvas, sphere lamp (antique)


Lamp "Oriental"

Format (hxbxd): 0,50x0,50x0,04m.
Acrylic paint on canvas. Sphere lamp (antique)

Lamp "Twins"

Format (hxbxd): 0,80x0,70x0,25m.
Acrylic paint on canvas,
2 Glass cases (antique, 1920s)

can be used as a stand- or wall hanging object.

Title: "Love phases -
Idealization and fragility" Luminary

Format (hxbxd): ca. 0,85x0,85x0,28m. (incl.attachment).
Acrylic paint on canvas. Light: Signal-lamp, red tinted glass envelope