Some artwork doesn´t fit to the conceptional elaborated series and cycles of my artistic work. Therefore at the end of my artwork-show on this website I´ll present you a selection of paintings and artwork with different pictorial themes. The art is made by different painting techniques. Some are based on mixted techniques, others are painted with pastel sticks, watercolors or acrylic paint and some special applications I´ve used.

Title: "Blue Sea"

Format (hxbxd): 0,70x0,90x0,02m.
Acrylic paint on canvas.

Why always paint a sundown feeling in orange and red? Think blue!

Title: "red-gold"

Format (hxbxd): 0,90x1,20x0,02m.
Acrylic paint on canvas, some
cement cream and snd and other applications

Title: "Sundown over moor landscape"

Format (hxbxd): 1,35 x 0,80 x 0,04m. Framed. Acrylic paint on Canvas

Title: "Supernova" - multi-part artwork

Acrylic paint on canvas.

"Come On, let´s Dance!"
Acrylic paint on special cardboard, primed with colored oil pastel sticks (scrape-technique)

Title: "Protective bodies"

mixed techniques, potatoe print, pastel sticks and a little acrylic paint. 

Format (hxbxd): 0,70x0,50x0,02m. framed.

Love and eroticism

Title: "Kiss Me!"

Format (hxbxd): 0,90x0,80x0,02m.
Acrylic paint on canvas

Title: "Love´s delight"

Format (hxbxd): 0,80x0,80x0,02m.
Mixed techniques on canvas.

without Title

Color field work with with central assemblage of an additional object.

Title: "Frog princess land"

Format (hxbxd): 1,00x1,20x0,15m (incl. applikation)
Acrylic paint on canvas. 08/2011

Title: "Show-play"



Title: "Time of the owl"

Format (hxbxd): 1,00x0,80x0,12m incl. application.

Acrylic paint on canvas. 

Twice a Duo

both parts with identically color: titanium white/black.
Format each 80x80cm.

Acrylic paint on canvas.

able to hang to each other at your convenience.
Format each 80x80cm.

Where is above and where is below, You can decide how to hang both pieces on the wall. It´s a matter of taste.

Plant and animal


Watercolor painting
Format with frame: 50x50cm.

Watercolor painting
Format without frame: 70x50cm.

Title: "Fish Out Of Water"
Soft pastell work 50x40cm

Title: "Golden Cage"
mixed technique (watercololr and acrylic paint. Format 50x40cm

Title: "Calla"
mixed technique: watercolor and wood glue. Format: 70x50cm

Title: "Strelitzia"
Watercolor. Format: 70x50cm

Human views

Title: "Micha" -
Soft pastels on pastel paper.
Reminiscences with someones childhood

without title
Oil pastels on special paper.

Title: "Three Lives" - Contingency artwork

9 color fields made by mixed techniques. They can grouped together by a  loose hanging wooden frame. So you can get colorful mixes. Solely shown on the picture one of several possiblilties to configurate this piece of art.

Title: "Interferency in contingency" - Threepart artwork

Acrylic color spray on medium-density fiberboard (MDF) behind metal frames with picture drawers on the backside.                              Sold!





Due to a PC-Virus in 2011 lots  of image files have been damaged or destroyed. Among this have been some sold items. So in my catalogue book of artworks there are only textdata of this pieces. Sorry for that.
Some of the sold items with unimpaired pictures you can see underneath.

sold: the left one of this two contingency art works.

Title: "pueblo mediterráneo"

Title "Man and mass"

Title: "Here Comes The Sun"

Title: "Autumn....?" for correct tilte I must look for in my catalogue of work.

Title? I must look for in my catalogue of work


Title: "Big city jungle"


Title? I must look for in my catalogue of work

and many others sold
(see notice above)