The Artist  


About Me


Michael Hofbauer, *17.07.1959 in Köln.

Since I was a young boy interested in Modern Art and artistry generally. At Home my father, an architect at a big bank institute, he commissioned local artists in the Area of Cologne, Germany with art in architecture and more.

Myself I had to learn a serious profession first, but I always kept an eye on working with paint. Later I was engaged in inventions and fabrications around my Contingency Art Concept. In my later personal life I eventuelly decided to change my professional decisions. Formerly Sociologist and Social worker in 2007 I turned my life straight to be an concept working Artist.

To convert my passion for art, especially to the Classical Moderne and contemporary art to professional active artistry work, this took some time. But conclusively there were some strong personal events, convincing me to choose an exit out of my job history. Getting to the point: It was a long time of going through emotional intdetermination and dispute with myself. Like some people suffer that they´re convinced to live with a wrong gender, I was unlucky to do good work in some professions, I was not really lucky with doing this. It goes long time back to my childhood, when I was already interested in making art, but my parents said this couldn´t be a profession to live and feed a family, and so for me it was forbidden to study art and art related sciences. Well, that´s all behind me. Now, I´m feeling called upon making Art during the rest of my life. This is no profession like any other, my artwork is passion and based on a strong inner persuasion.

As an ambitious and professional art producing and living newcomer and autodidact, right at the beginning of my artist´s life, in autum 2007 I´ve established Art & Vision in Koeln, Germany. It´s a project and art studio all at once.
My artwork spreads from Installations, Assemblages and Collages on variable material ground, paintings on strechted canvas up to abstract or figurative watercolor and pastel art.

Entering new land

Actually with my contingency art I´m busy to launch and implement a new contribution to the existing contemporary art. Meanwhile my contingency artwork, as part of my complete artwork, is my individual distinctive handwriting. Please click on button Contingency Art Theorie to see my deeper remarks.

Brandnew and coming up soon are Musigraphics, a spectacular combination of composed music and visualization as pictures. Communication for eyes and ears by using some modern specifications in digital technology of presentation, computer-aided music composing and graphic design.

Equitable to my contingency artwork my stylistically expression of artwork I characterize, is named abstract socialen realism. I´m influenced by my occupational background as a sociologist (and social worker too) to see and express human, social and economic behaviour . That´s a special view that you can see also in my assemblages and installations. Generally, reduction of complexity are my personal stylistic means of expression at what I frequently use a specific coding in my picture language.

My artistry concept is based on a overall plan, briefly worded human (personal and cultural) alienation and personal liberty.
My thesis is, that alienation is the essential condition to get liberties. For one thing it´s my desire to create and make art at the beginning of possibly the last century of human civilization on planet earth. That artwork is global existential oriented but on the other hand I´d like to be an avant-gardist to create projects and works for art loving citizens. Especially I want to produce art for people who deeply feel a lack of understanding concening modern art . People who appreciate a clear color- and design vocabulary and morover to have options to rearrange artwork in their privat and personally context of living. by themselves. With my creation, the contingency art, buyer of my art will get new liberties handling pieces of art, because they can legitimately alterate these works on her own hand if requested. So those people are becoming alteration-artists by itself. On the basis of some demonstration work in contingency art I can see and experience, how funny and delightful it can be, to see people change and rearrange my contingency artwork like they want to do. That´s an unexpected but highly appreciated value, buyer of my art are loving.

Artistic overall concept

Including contingency art I´m working with an overall conception, briefly named as cultural and personal alienation and existing liberties. In my view alienation in modern society is an essential precondition to gain civil liberty. On one hand it´s my desire to do artistry at the beginning of one of the alledged last centuries of human zivilization on planet earth that is global existentially oriented, but at the same time as an avant-gardist for art loving people, with my contingency artwork it´s a pleasure for me to realize projects in a simple language by simplification of color and forms. And with this artwork I´m transfering options to reconfigure pieces of my work in the hands of the purchaser. So, with my contingency artwork buyers are getting new liberties in dealing with their newly owned artwork as along as they´re living with it. With contingency artwork everyman is able to become anartists of basic changes by itself. At present I´m learning, how icredible delightful this can be.

Out of funds - no good artistry

Unfortunately being undercaptitalized (as the most of genuinely art producing people), I´m looking for active engaged partonage and sponsoring to support my work. Willingly permanent arrangement welcome. There is a large number of projects and exiting ideas waiting for realization. I dare to say that my sponsors are being amply rewarded for their venture capital, because they can expect high-quality output in contemporary art. I´m pleased to meet you. So you can get an idea of me and my artistry.

Open invitation

You are welcome to come in contact with my still young and varied creative work. As a gallery owner, a collector of more important contemporary art and of course all those, interested in fine arts, are welcome too. I want to present my work and I´d like to show, how my contingency art is working. I´m glad to meet You!

My artwork is unmissable! Here and now, tomorrow and for the future (M.H.)