My artistry praciticing isn´t old, but my ideas are grown up during the last two decades. I´m rich in life experience and (see my bio) years full of professional fields of work. My art-studio does exist since autumn 2007. During the first 15 month of working, this was a time of developing my Contingency Art Theory and to create about 30 Contingency Art works, having a lot of effort to construct, design and make some special parts and forms to realize all the wonderful things that make my contingency artwork floating and flying (sometimes light as a feather) on the wall.

In 2009, I was ready to host my first self organized exhibition in the local area where I live, in Cologne, Germany. It was a bigger one with 5 rooms and 100 square meter of exhibition space.

Please see my amateurish made Video below and my exhibition-history of the first few years in the German language part “Ausstellungen” for that I´ve made no translation into the english language until now. Sorry!

First Exhibition 2009:

Title: “Appearance of the contingeny art - contingency art is the art of changes”
30.05.2009 to 19.06.2009.
Outbuilding of address: Dellbrücker Hauptstraße 113, 51069 Cologne (Köln), Germany.
More than 300 visitiors had a look around my exhibition and I´ve got plenty of positive feedback.

For later other Cologne,Germany bound exhibitions please see the German Language Part "Ausstellungen"

For my online-exhibitions in 2016, please follow the links:



Some Youtube-Links are upcoming soon!