Welcome...visiting the Website of Art & Vision!

First of all, I´m glad to present You my artistry work since the beginning of 2007.

Please take your time and make a round through my virtual gallery of my still young art working. You will meet an innovative and ambitious artist who is going to exeed the limits of traditional conventions to make and use art.
You´ll make the acquaintance of
Contingency Art, a new kind of art - may be a new art movement coming up - of those I´m the inventor. You´ll find a brief sociological derivated theory of my Art and  by a lot of demonstration of my Contingency artwork You´ll see how my theory is working in practice. Please watch the films!

Actually I´m working on textile mosaic artwork with velvet and cloth pieces.
Paintings, Assemblages, Installations, Collages, Home decor
living art and  musigraphics. You´ll find too. My newly made artwork is presented right here on the entrance page, before archived.

Please look around and enjoy Yourself.
Köln, Germany,  Michael Hofbauer